Software Factory is the only Reseller for the PTC Products Integrity and ThingWorx in Germany! With PTC Integrity we offer a process based platform for Systems and Software Engineering. With ThinkWorx, the only complete IoT-Platform in the world, we help companies with the digitalization of their production processes. Software Factory offers the entire PTC Integrity product portfolio, gives advice, implements, adapts and trains. Together with you we cope with challenges like requirements management, configurations management, process and workflow management, project and portfolio management, test and quality management, issue management, change control, source code management and build, version and supply management.

At the moment PTC Integrity is the only ALM platform on the market that offers a consistent solution for requirements management with a direct connection to all downstream development, quality assurance and supply phases of the software lifecycle. Analyists, developers, testers and version managers colaborate using one single platform with consistent user interface and shared processes. All phases of the development process can easily be reproduced . Our PTC solution offers far more possible fields of application than tools for requirements management by other providers. The ideal solution for companies that need a high-performance combination of requirements and process management.

Your advantages are:

  • Lower developments costs due to less post-processing
  • Increase in productivity in the team
  • Improved software and product quality
  • Complete downstream-tracking

Further information can be found in the product ranges Internet of Things, ALM and Systems Engineering